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SNACKS (aka bribery)!!!

at your family shoot......

I always recommend that you bring snacks to your family photo shoot. Sometimes a little snack break is all it takes to focus a child for just 5 more minutes.

I do however recommend that snacks aren't messy, or take ages to eat.

My go toooooos are:

  • Yoghurt raisins (nice sweet treat)

  • Bread sticks

  • Banana

  • Pre cut apple

  • Pom bears

  • Veg stick crisps

  • Plain biscuit

You get the idea :)

Here is an example of a not so good carrot puffs make a mess and stain mouths!!! I'm sure, like me, you always have a wet wipe to hand!!!

And this little basket was handy for hiding snacks in too which I will try and bring to all shoots from now on so at least I can still get some photos during 'snack time'. Snacks/treats can also be used as bribery to get you to the end. For example, plan an ice cream or Mcdonalds stop after your shoot if they do well.

Stephanie Atkins Photography

Hampshire based, family newborn and wedding photographer.

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