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5 Tips for planning your wedding

1. It's all about you.

This day is all about you so make it personal and unique to you. There are likely to be things that family and friends want/suggest but stick to your guns and male sure it's what you want

2. Budget.

This was my husband's job as he loved the excel spreadsheet. He kept us organised and on budget (kinda-hehe!) and this helped us to prioritise what was important to us and where to spend the money. Working out your guest list numbers is helpful here too as most venues charge per head. Ask yourself, would you stop in the street and chat to this person......?

The common top priorities are venue, food, photography, entertainment. That chair sash may look pretty but it's the photos on the wall, or the memories on the dance floor and the video to watch back that will matter in years to come.

3. Photography.

Talk to your photographer (and wedding planner) about the wedding day schedule. Depending on the time of year will depend on how much time and at what time you can have photos. Photographers try to avoiding harsh midday sun and love to shoot the hour before check what time this is for your date.

Always 'meet' your photographer. It's so important that you 'get on'. We are around a lot on the day and you want that person to seamlessly fit into your day/party.

4. Make planning fun.

Don't get bogged down or overwhelmed. Have date nights and maybe a time where you don't talk about it as it can become 'all consuming'.

5. Delegate.

Family and friends love to help out, work out who has what skill and delegate some tasks to them.

I would love to hear about your wedding day plans and ideas. Get in touch to discuss your wedding photography needs and see if we are a match.

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