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Styling for your family shoot

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

You've made the decision to invest in a fabulous family photo shoot so now it's time to invest some time (and maybe money) in what you are going to wear. I want you to LOVE your images and to look back on them for years to come......without cringing at what you chose to wear.

Your outfit choice will help to give your images the extra WOW factor. Here are 8 easy tips to help you get started.

1. FEEL YOUR BEST: Firstly, I want you to be comfortable and feel amazing in whatever you choose to wear. You've invested in a beautiful family photo shoot so treat yourself to a new dress, a fresh hair do and some pretty make up.

2. COMPLIMENTARY COLOURS not MATCHY MATCHY: Depending on your location or time of year, will depend on your colour theme. Spring and summer shoots suit neutrals and pastels, where as autumn shoots suit deep, rich autumnal/earthy colours (pictured above).

Summer themed shoot. Pastels and neutrals

Beach shoot: Blues, greens, whites and pops of colour.

Bluebells: Complimentary pastels.

Winter: wooly hats and rich colours.

4. NO LOGOS OR CHARACTER CLOTHING: I want YOU to be the focus in your photos. Large logos or character t-shirts can be really distracting.

5. PRINTS: Consider where in your home you will be displaying your photos and that might help you decide on location and outfit choices.

6. LIMIT PATTERNS: Too many patterns can be distracting and can clash. Limit patterns to only one or two people and avoid thin stripes/checks and patterns like herringbone which can look odd on camera. Stick to solid colours as much as possible.

7. BLACK AND WHITE: Avoid wearing all white or black. White can blow out (lose detail) and black can call merge together.

8. PLAN AHEAD: I always recommend laying out all your outfits on the bed (or floor) together. This can help you to see how it all goes together. Take a photo yourself and see how it looks. I am more than happy to receive your outfit photos before your shoot too.

Some great shops for kids clothes are Zara, Sainsbury's, H&M, pat pat and Tesco. ASOS and are great for adults.

I really hope this has been helpful and I can not wait to capture your gorgeous family photos and give you images to treasure for a lifetime.

If you'd like to book a family shoot then please 'get in touch' on the 'Home' tab above.

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