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I’m Stephanie, a Hampshire (UK) based maternity, newborn, family and wedding photographer.  

  • I have two gorgeous girls

  • A very tall husband

  • Two crazy cats

  • 20 years experience with SEN children & adults (but how when I'm still only 28)

  • Registered social worker

  • Fluent in British Sign language

  • Scorpio (no idea what this actually means)

  • Netflix binger

Are you the person always behind the camera at family occasions? too, so I want YOU to be in the photos.  Your family will want to look back on the amazing times you've had and see everyone present.  Photos help us to remember all those little details and can take us back to a moment in time.  I have a pretty terrible memory and photos are key to preserving my memories.  There is nothing better than sifting trough a pile of old printed photos and flicking through the albums with family. 

I want to capture the moments you didn't see, the little smile from one to another, the cuddle that is so tight you can't see your child's face while you're in it, the groom's face just before you arrive, the bride's excited face in the morning, the wedding guests laughing and enjoying the big day you planned and the look you have when you can't take your eyes off your new baby.  ​​

Get in touch to discuss what it is you want from your photoshoot. 

Stephanie Atkins Photography

Stephanie Atkins Photography
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“Stephanie joined us on a special weekend to capture our beautiful family. She took the time to get to know everyone and put us all at ease, she is very attentive.”

B. Howe 

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